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Free 720p Transformers: The Last Knight (English) Movies Download

in the last decade, no manufacturer has had a hit with a vehicle more iconic than the hummer. although built on a gm frame, the hummers image has always been distinctly ford: warm and truckish and open, a vehicle that would be at home crossing the plains or floating through the stars. but the hummers future is a long and bumpy one, as general motors, now only 37 years old, has decided that another model under its domain, the chevy blazer, is the one to beat. at the detroit auto show, the next generation hummer, the h3, debuted, promising a real high-torque v8, the largest cargo capacity in a full-size suv, and the first mass-produced suv to be built on an aluminum unibody frame. read more

free 720p Transformers: The Last Knight (English) movies download

the autobots and decepticons aren't the only ones celebrating the 20th anniversary of transformers. starscream is celebrating the occasion too, and that's not all that's happening in transformer lore this week. read on for all the latest transformers news! read more

i am of the opinion that the pages for the various named weapons from the bw2/neo-era toys, and.. do we need them at all. do these pages actually contain enough unique information to justify them? i mean, we got individual pages for archadis's wing gundreads, wing bombs and founder shot, and not a one of them has anything that the actual archadis page doesn't cover. seems like most of these don't have any special effects like the torque rifle or electro-scrambler and such; it makes more sense to have those pages since the special effects are all right there without having to sift through non-weapon info, which feels like a good resource for writing purposes to see how these special weapons were used. but if they're all just normal old blasters and swords and whatnot, the individual pages are basically just severely chainsawed versions of the character pages. feels kind of pointless and wasteful of the reader's time to point them at these pages. -- m sipher ( talk ) 17:27, 30 march 2021 (edt)


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