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Buy Eggs Online India

The most common type of eggs that are consumed are hen eggs, and there are varieties such as brown egg and desi egg that are also readily available online. Shop online for the lowest price on grocery. Popular brands such as Ayur, Best, Jaya, and Suguna offer many different types of eggs which not only make your dishes taste yummy but also ensure that your body gets the necessary nutrients.

buy eggs online india


Egg Masala - A super simple and quick egg recipe, the egg masala is basically boiled eggs enhanced with a home-made spice paste and a crackling tempering. Couple it with chappatis or parathas and you are good to go.

Tomato Egg Curry - A light and tasty egg curry that comes with the tanginess of tomatoes and mild spices, the tomato egg curry is made of boiled eggs that are simmered and cooked in a flavourful tomato gravy along with spices and seasoning. This goes best with Indian bread or plain white rice.

Egg Burji - Perhaps the most common form of egg dishes ever, the egg burji is basically scrambled eggs. A personal favourite among the eggetarians, it is easy to make and tastes great with toast or pav. 041b061a72


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