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Myst IV Revelation Hun.rarl

The player assumes the role of a friend of Atrus. A member of the D'ni race, Atrus can create links to other worlds called Ages by writing descriptive books. In Exile, Atrus has written an Age for the D'ni to live on while rebuilding their civilization. The book is stolen by a mysterious figure; the player pursues the thief in an attempt to reclaim Atrus' tablet.

Myst IV Revelation Hun.rarl

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As Atrus is preparing to leave for Releeshahn, a mysterious man appears in Atrus' study, sets it on fire, steals the Releeshahn book and leaves behind another. Following the thief, the player arrives at J'nanin, an Age that Atrus had written long before as a way to teach the Art to his sons. Because the fire has caused considerable damage to the J'nanin book, Atrus cannot accompany the player.

The mysterious man is named Saavedro. Twenty years earlier, Atrus' wayward sons Sirrus and Achenar destroyed Saavedro's home Age of Narayan and trapped him on J'nanin. Saavedro believes his family is dead and swears vengeance on Atrus, unaware that Atrus has already imprisoned his sons for their crimes and that Saavedro's family is still alive. The game can end several ways depending on the player's actions. In the most ideal scenario, Saavedro returns to Narayan peacefully after giving back the book of Releeshahn. Other endings result in Saavedro destroying Releeshahn or killing the player; another option allows the player to leave Saavedro trapped forever.

Journey to an island world eerily tinged with mystery... where every rock, every scrap of paper, every fleeting sound holds a clue to an ancient mystery. Enter, if you dare, a starkly beautiful landscape shrouded in intrigue and injustice. Only your wits and imagination hold the power to unlock the shocking betrayal of ages past!

If you have solved the mysteries of Myst you will understand the background to Riven. If not it is of no matter, the adventure is complete in itself. This walkthrough will get you to the end of the adventure but you should really take time to explore and discover all the clues yourself. If you get lost go here or click on the golden island symbols to see a detailed map of that island.


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