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Game designer Joe Shely explains during a recent roundtable that reimagining sets in a manner that is compatible with Diablo 4 properly wouldn't be feasible for the launch of Diablo 4 in the first quarter of next year, even though the team is contemplating including them as part of their live streaming service Diablo 4 Items.

"As we've been developing the game, we felt that we could build sets in a different method that was different from what we've experienced previously in Diablo 3. However, we wanted more time to get them into the game the manner that works seamlessly with the rest of Diablo 4, so you won't see sets at launch as part of the gameplay," Shely explains. "We believe that sets are amazing, and we'd like to get them right, therefore, we're looking over for our Live service."

"There's an legendary staff in the demo , which transforms the spell's fireball spell into triple fireball," former director of the game Luis Barriga told Polygon(opens in new tab) in 2019. "The different is that, you know, a set right now in live Diablo 3 gives you bonuses greater than a thousand. I believe we're designing the game right now to be a bit less constrained in order to not get us in that exponential power curve."

If you're new to the concept the term, Set Items are in essence strong devices that provide higher power when constructed. They're "set" in that they are always able to provide the same bonus features, and as such they are part of sets. They were initially introduced within Diablo 2, though it was in Diablo 3 when they became the most dominant. It remains to be seen what effect they'll have on their impact on the Diablo 4 meta should they appear, however we have no doubt their influence on the unfurling style scene will be greatly felt cheap Diablo IV Items.


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