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Rectal Bleeding Anal Porn ##HOT##

Symptoms of anal cancer can include bleeding, bowel changes and severe itching (pruritus). These can also be symptoms of other conditions, but it's important to see your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

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Delivering a large baby vaginally, especially if forceps are used, poses more risk than having a smaller baby. An episiotomy or significant tear of the tissues around the vagina and rectum can result in damage to the nerves, muscles, and tissues around the rectal canal. This can result in a tear of the anal sphincter muscles that help to hold in stool, but also some of the surrounding tissues that are important as well.

Many anal disorders can be painful but most usually are not serious. However, any anal condition, especially if bleeding is present, should be evaluated by a colon and rectal surgeon to rule out a more serious problems.

How are fistulas treated?Surgery is necessary to cure an anal fistula. Although fistula surgery is usually not invasive, the potential for complication does exists, and should be performed by a colon and rectal surgeon.

What causes an Anal Fissure?A hard, dry bowel movement can cause a tear in the anal lining, resulting in a fissure. Other causes of a fissure include diarrhea and inflammation of the anorectal area.

While colon and rectal cancers can be similar and are often referred to collectively as colorectal cancer, anal cancer is completely different in significant ways, including the cell type where cancer begins, the cause of the cancer, who gets this cancer, and how we treat it.

Anal cancer may not cause any symptoms at all. For some, bleeding is the first sign of anal cancer. Many people mistake this initial symptom for a benign cause of anal bleeding, such as hemorrhoids (swollen veins around the anal opening).

Hemorrhoids are a common condition where veins in the rectum or anus become swollen, painful, and may bleed. They can be external or internal. If they are external, you may feel rectal pain while sitting. Internal hemorrhoids typically cause rectal bleeding with no pain. Hemorrhoids can often be treated with over-the-counter or at-home remedies, but if they become severe enough, they may need surgery.

Although anal cancer is rare, it does share some of the same symptoms as other anal and rectal issues. Many people with anal cancer initially assumed hemorrhoids caused their symptoms. Anal cancer symptoms can include:

People tend to assume that anal cancer is the same as rectal and colon cancer, but the cells that become cancerous are different. Rectal and colon cancer are more similar to each other than to anal cancer. In fact, colon and rectal cancers are often referred to together as colorectal cancer.


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